Our Story

Stacks of oak wooden planks

Bridger and Buss was formed as a business in response to a visit to China advising furniture manufacturing businesses there.

It seemed ridiculous to transport raw oak in containers from the USA and Germany to China, turn it into furniture and ship it all the way back to those countries, the raw material travelling a total of 25,000 miles or more.

The workshop is next to the village of Uffculme where we are lucky to employ local people and an apprentice. The workshop is an old chicken shed which we have upgraded with improved insulation to the walls and roof.

We have installed a wood and chip-burning boiler to heat our workshop. Our total heating needs are met by burning the waste products we produce throughout the year. Any waste chips we cannot burn are used as animal bedding which is then returned to the land as fertiliser.

We endeavour to source our timber locally, some of our timber coming from only 3 miles away. If we have to use imported timber then it mainly comes from Europe or the northern hemisphere. All imported timber is FSC Certified.

All of this is an effort to reduce the product miles our furniture will travel and promote the idea of made in Britain.

For our environmental policy we are in the process of being awarded a grant by “Make it Local” based in the Blackdownhills Devon.

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