Table and Desk Design Work – Behind The Scenes


Our customers tell us that they want to see more regarding what goes on in our workshop. There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes, especially for bespoke, one-off pieces. There is even a large portion of work we do that clients request to be private. This week we’d like to show you a table and desk that we were commissioned to craft. These pieces aren’t part of our regular collection or a usual request so we would like to use our blog as an opportunity to keep you up-to-date. Not only is it a good way to show you what we are capable of, but it’s also a good source of inspiration.

Below is a creation of ours crafted from French Oak and reinforced steel. The table will comfortably sit four for dinner, and yet the design of the wire base tricks the eye into believing that it isn’t taking up very much space at all. The modern hexagonal base is juxtaposed with what might be considered a more traditional slab top, and yet they work so well together. Don’t be fooled by the wire either; it’s a thoroughly sturdy piece of design.

For our second behind-the-scenes piece, we turn to this custom-made hallway console table. Machined from pure french oak into these delicate shapes, the table is  secured together with stainless steel wires as if like a suspension bridge. In fact similarities could be drawn between it and modern bridge design.


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